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One of the best things about unreucsed personal and business loans in Florida is that we have so many specialty lenders that will do it no doc, lite doc, or full doc. Many of our unreucsed lenders are willing to give you a chance as long as your scores are 660 +. If your score is not that high we have someone to recommend for credit repair. The problems with the big banks is that they don't want to give out money on unreucsed personal or business loans and if they do , the dollar amount is very small and the interest rate is very high. The reason our company is useful is because we are the only consulting company that has direct ties to no document lenders and knows how to package business and personal unreucsed loans when it comes to our loans they can used for anything including personal (buying houses, start up business, wedding, college) or business use (working capital, payroll, taxes, acquiring a new business. hopefully this helps

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